• +-What is PoochBox?
    PoochBox is a monthly surprise box filled with toys treats and more that your pet will love guaranteed! We will do whatever it takes to help you discover the best products by sourcing from verified high-quality boutique suppliers and importers. We focus on the best products that maximize your dog’s health without having to go through hundreds of thousands of items online, you don’t even have to visit a store.
  • +-How do I join PoochBox?
    Glad you asked! Just click on the "Join Now" button at PoochBox.com. Select the size of your dog and then select which PoochBox plan you'd like. Once you fill in the billing information we ask for your shipping info and a bit of information about your dog. Then, you're ready to go! Pee. S. All subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel. Kinda like your favorite movie streaming service, so that you are always able to Pupflix & Chill. Okay, exactly like Pupflix & Chilling. Pee. Pee. S. You will still receive all the boxes you signed up to receive when you initially joined the pack! So don't worry, Pupflix and Chill can happen year round.
  • +-What kind of products are included in my PoochBox?
    PoochBox sniffs out the highest quality unique products for your dog each month. We work with boutiques, independent and small businesses as well as large importers to hand select toys, chews, bones, treats and accessories that your pooch will approve. Products may vary depending on your dog’s size too, so make sure to complete all of the membership information accurately when you sign up!
  • +-Have Pawsome Products that pooch’s wag their tails on?
    Sure! We would be delighted if you can delight our pups. Please keep in mind that all PoochBox is shipped with 4-6 full size products not weighing more than 800 grams in total. Please e-mail us on support@poochbox.in in the following format and try to answer as many questions as you can for we to have good idea about your product: i. Company Name ii. Contact Name iii. E-mail Address iv. Phone Number v. Website vi. Briefly describe your production facility. vii. Product Name(s) viii. What quantity can you supply within 60 days? ix. Product Description x. Product Type (Toys, Treats,etc.) xi. Country of origin xii. Product Material. xiii. Dog Size (XS, S, M, L, XL or OSFA{one size fits all) xiv. MRP xv. Attach Picture xvi. Anything else.
  • +-What if any product is not snout approved, can I exchange it?
    You sure can! We know that pups have their own preferences and what makes one jump for joy, may leave another hanging their head. That's where our “Snout Satifaction Guarantee” can help! If your pup turns up their snout at a treat or toy they've received, give the ruffers a howl at support@poochbox.in and we shall help find you a replacement item to get that tail up and wagging. No charge, no fuss, no need for any pup to be let down. In order for us to have enough goodies for all the pooches in the land, we ask that you reserve Snout’s Satisfaction Guarentee for those times when a treat or toy is totally undesirable to your pooch. We’ll replace one item per box when your pup so desires.
  • +-What is Snout Satisfaction Guarantee?
    Snout Satisfaction is our guarantee that if your pup does not ruv an item in their box, just give us a bark and we'll send a replacement better suited for them. For real. No fee. No fuss. No disappointed pups. In order for us to have enough goodies for all the pups in the land, we ask that you reserve Scout's Honor for those times when a treat or toy is totally undesirable to your pup. If that's ever the case, howl at us at support@poochbox.in and we'll get a brand new surprise on the way as soon as pawsible.
  • +-When will I receive my PoochBox?
    PoochBox ships in the middle of the month, every month! The deadline to place your order to receive a given month’s box is the 25th of the month. If you place your first (or any) order between the 15th and the 25th, your first box will ship out within 2-5 business days from the date you have signed up. If you sign up after the 25th, your PoochBox will ship out around the middle of the following month. Please note: Shipping information must be changed before the 5th of the month in order to affect that month’s shipment. All address changes made after this date will become effective on the next month’s shipment. If you have to wait a few weeks because you missed the deadline, we have plenty of ways to keep busy with our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to stay up to date on our adorable PoochBox family!
  • +-How long does it take to receive my PoochBox once it is shipped?
    It usually takes a maximum of 10 business days from the day of dispatch. Even we want to see that tail wag as soon as possible.