7 Common Food items that bring grave danger to your dog

Akshay Manchanda , August 12, 2017 , Food.

It is only human to treat your pets with your favourite food selection, but did you know - what might be super food for humans can cause serious trauma or even death among dogs. Beware of the food mentioned below and never feed your dog with any of these.


1. Chocolate

Chocolate contains caffeine and theombromine which has toxic impact on your dogs health. It can elevate your dogs body temperature, cause dehydration, abdominal pain, irregular heart beat, seizures and even death.


2. Dairy Products

Dogs are not built to process cows milk therefore milk, cheese, ice cream or any other dairy product is not suitable for your fur ball. Many dogs are also lactose intolerant and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and may cause gastrointestinal diseases.


3. Grapes and raisins

This food type causes renal failiures in dogs causin vomiting and lethargy. It might shut down a dogs kidney functions eventually leading to death.


4. Garlic and onions

Apart than extremely bad breath, these food brings grave danger to your pet. They destroy dogs red blood cells and can lead to anemia. Though small doses does not seem to do harm but it can add up with many small doses.


5. Raw meat and Fatty meaty products.

Food like bacon, ham and other fatty meats can inflate a dogs pancreas and stop its functionality completely, feeding leads to all types of problems related to digestion and nutrition absorption. Whereas raw meat, fish, eggs contains bacteria and enzymes like salmonella and e.colli which causes skin and digestive problems in your pet. Cooked meat and eggs kills of these parasites and turns the same dangerous meal into a delicious and very healthy meal for your pup.


6. Extremely salty food.

Food containing high doses of salts like popcorn or pretzels can cause sodium ion poisoning resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, elevated body temperature, bloat, excessive thirst amongst other gastric problems. Keep the salt intake to the minimum in everything your pup intakes.


7. Sugary food.

Like humans sugary food are not good for your pooch as well. It leads to similar problems like it does to humans like obesity, dental issues and diabetes. Cut down on those sugary treats and everything should be fine.


Avoid on the above and wait for our next post on extremely healthy food for your pooch. To fulfill your dogs extra bit of nutrition get him a PoochBox and feed him the best and premium treats there is.