Can You Guess The Most Expensive Dog Gift Of All Time

Akshay Manchanda , January 08, 2018 , Dog Product.

A popular saying, every dog has his day! well for this Maltese dog, it was a day that no dog has ever seen and probably never will.

Riwin Jirapolsek, who showcased the tiara at a dog show in Bangkok, said he wanted to make something special for Kanune, his 15-year-old male Maltese. It took him two and a half months to prepare this tiara with no plans to sell.

Can you guess the price?

It was valued at Rs. 26.7 Crore in 2009 when it was showcased, the value surely has surely gone up by now.

153 karats of emeralds built with a titanium body and decorated with more than 100 karats of diamonds, Do you pity your jewelry now?